Articulation Apps

(As of 8/6/12)
Small Talk Phonemes
Recommended Best Buy-video models of phonemes in isolation.
Quick Artic
Flashcards for all phonemes. Tracks correct/incorrect. Does not store data over time
Articulation Station
In-app purchases for specfic phonemes or all sounds. Can track muliple students in a group. Can modify and save word lists. Word, sentence, and story levels. Activities are flashcards, matching, rotating sentences, and sentence level. Will track groups of 6. Pro version is $49.99.
In app purchases for specific phonemes or all sounds. Full version is $29.99. Flashcard and matching activities. Collect data in groups up to 4 students. Can record voice to self-monitor.
Articulation Scenes
Artic practice using 72 stunning built-in scenes and over 1200 practice words. Four activities built into each scene.
Minimal Pairs Academy
Minimal pairs practice for discrimination and listening at the word and phrase levels.
Match2Say 2.0
Concentration/matching games for articulation practice. Can select phoneme, word/phrase level, and difficulty.
Speech Trainer 3D
Detailed animated videos on how to produce English phonemes. Can use camera to see yourself along-side video model.
Articulate it! 2.8.1
Targets phonemes and phonological processes. Ability to track a group of students at the same time using 1200 images, voice recordings, and data collection. Can print or email data results.
Sunny Articulation Phonology Test
Screening (4-8 minutes) and full articulation assessment (9-20 minutes). It automatically computes accuracy and analyzes error patterns.
Smarty Speech 2.2
Articulation practice by phoneme, classification/type, or phonological process. Seems similar to straight articulation cards.
Offers a probe function for screening all /r/ phonetic contexts. Can practice in the phrase level too. Tracks multiple students' data.
Smart Oral Motor
Animated duck modeling oral motor exercises.
PhonoPix - Full
Phonoloical processes practice. Flashcards and matching. Can do mixed practice. Tracks data for groups up to 4. Can record voice to self-monitor.
SLP Minimal Pairs Lite
Auditory discrimination, contrast drill, and repetition drill. Progress monitoring tracks progress and displays in a graph format. Full version $29.99.
Pocket Pairs
Phonolgical processes work with minimal pairs. Tracks multiple students. Gives diagraahms of sounds. Graphs results.
All About Sounds - Initial Position Words
Matching game to target phonemes in the initial position. Has free play and lesson format.
PCS Bingo
In-app purchases. Activities for articulation, vocabulary, rhyming, and language. Create your own bingo boards using Boardmaker symbols.
Articulation Flip Books
In-app purchases. The Entire World of _ series. Articulation practice at the sentence level.
PCS Articulation Flash Cards
In-app purchases. Flashcards for phonemes.
A multi-sensory approach (visual, auditory, and kinestetic) with an emphasis on articulation to teach the alphabetic principle, phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, and sight/irregular words. Uses Dolch sight word list. The user sees the sound or word in text, then uses his or her finger to tap on the text of the letter(s) or word in order to hear and see the word said. The front facing camera is used to act as a mirror, so a user can record and see him or herself. The user can then take his or her recording, and compare it to the instructor modeling the sound or word.