(As of 7/16/12)
Math with Balloons
Recommended Best Buy- Learn and improve math skills with 5 levels of difficulty from really easy to really hard. Catch a balloon and match it with others to solve a question before the balloons fly away.
Freefall Time
Practice setting the clock to the hour and minute. The student quickly chooses the correct time as multiple answers fall from the sky. Fun and interactive.
AB Math
This app has various game modes which enhance a student's math skills and fine motor skills.
Mad Math Lite
Perfect way for students to practice their addtion, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Customizable settings for each user.
FlashToPass Free
Great way to allow the student to master basic math facts. Subtraction, addition, multiplication and division. Mixed sets as well.
Math Hero HD
Fun and interesting way for a student to practice basic math. Create up to 5 player profiles and the scoreboard keeps track of each player's highest score on each math game. Subtraction, addition, multiplication and division.
Kids Math Ace Games Lite Free
Easily teaches kids how to count, add, and subtract using animations.
Math Zombies
The student will answer the math question correctly to defend him or herself against the zombies. As the level progresses, the questions get harder making it more difficult the destroy the zombies. Great application for boys!!
A fantastic math learning tool for all ages. This app has simple addition and subtraction problems to multiplication and division problems. The teacher can control the range of numbers he or she would like to children to work on and can even assign a timed quiz.
Math Bug Free
Easily teaches students how to count, add, and subtract using animations.
1st Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets App for Numbers, Counting, Addition, Subtraction and others [HD Free]
Recommended Best Buy- THIS APP IS NOT ONLY FOR 1ST GRADE. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS APP FOR 2ND, 3RD AND 4TH GRADE AS WELL!! BEST PART: IT'S FREE!!! This app has an endless supply to worksheets for each grade level.
Animated Numbers Disc HD Free Lite
Teach students numbers on a colorful disc. The student learns to recoginize numbers and pronounce the name of the number.
Adventures Undersea Math - Addition Free Lite
Drag the wooden numbered game piece to the correct grid that has the mathematical problem on it. As the game is played, each correct answer reveals small parts of a hidden secret picture. Once solved, the whole secret picture is revealed. Every level has a different secret picture to discover.
My Math Flash Cards App
Students can master basic elementary math facts using this application.
Math Circus
Great introduction to multiplication for students. Great for visual and auditory learners.
Speedo Math
Easily teaches students how to add, subtract, multiply and divide using animations.
Math Kid
Easily teaches students how to add, subtract, multiply and divide using animations. Customizable settings for each student.
Math GO Lite
Very simple way to have a student practice addition and subtraction for numbers 1 to 9. The student must drag the number from the bottom and attach it to the number sentence to make the equation true.
Math Play 2
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for 1 to 4 players. There is even a setting option to have the students re-do the problem that he or she has answered incorrectly at the end of each game.
123 NUMBER MAGIC Line Matching
This application help strengthens 1-10 number concepts through numerals or quantities.
SkillsTutor Math Fact Fluency
Provides instruction and practice to help students reach automaticity of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.
Dinosaurs Kids Math HD Free Lite
Easily teaches students how to count, add, and subtract visually.
Visual Math
Students figure out patterns, identify shapes, recognize numbers, read clocks and master important concepts of basic measurement like less, more, heavier and smaller.
Math Wise
Provides reinforcement in all math areas. Students are awarded with ribbons containing a certain denomination of points after each problem is solved. Tracks progress for teacher.
Tell Time- Little Matchups
This is an exciting interactive matching game that helps the student learn how to tell time by matching analog and digital clocks.
Math Soccer
The student will launch the penguin from the touch zone towards the moving ball with the answer written on it. A good shot will cause the penguin to head the soccer ball into the goal. If the answer on the ball matches the equation on the goal, a point is scored.
Hungry Fish
Recommended Best Buy- The goal is to keep feeding the fish with a specific number until the fish is full which will then unlock another level. The students love this interactive game!
Tillie's Time Shop
This is introductory application to the concept of time by using analog and digital clocks. Students will match analogy clocks to digital clocks.
Everyday Mathematics® Games
Prices vary
Recommended Best Buy-
Titles here:
- Addition Top-It™ - Subtraction Top-It™ - Name That Number™ - Beat the Computer™ Multiplication - Equivalent Fractions™ - Tric-Trac™ - Monster Squeeze™ - Baseball Multiplication™ 1–12 Facts - Divisibility Dash™
Great applications for reinforcing general education curriculum of Everyday Math!
Rocket Math
Recommended Best Buy-Students can build their own rockets, launch them and complete the task asked of them while traveling through space.
Math Ninja
Recommended Best Buy- Students use their math skills to defend themselves against a hungry tomato and his robotic army. Very interactive and fun!
Pizza Fractions: Beginning With Simple Fractions
Simple and visually based introduction to fractions. Uses pizza examples for fractions.