1. Update on Systems
  2. Upcoming Workshops or Trainings
    • March 21st MacLab IU
    • March 24th, BCASC Conference CB South
      • CB Presenters: Thank you All!!
        • Pat King and Terri Mooradd
        • Dustin Polis
        • Shannon Smith
        • Marierose Godwin and Kristin Deery
  3. Parent Night??
  4. Sharing: Notes from Sharing, (Thank you Meredith)
Iacademy Feb. 22
Shara Smith: video -organization My homework Visuals
Kristie:video - communication iconversation ilanguage
Shannon smith: Video modeling - social stories, conversation video critiques, 9th grade project
Christine : Bugs and buttons $3.99 Math, patterns, abc
Meredith: Book creator: $4.99
Christine: Stories to learn
Michelle: Toontastic free
Mike: Video and pics. Bball Athletes helping athletes
Deb pluta: Sound literacy. $25.99 MRI Hyperblast Math game, Customizable
Showme- interactive whiteboard iPad lite rover Jot not Intro to math Math pad 4 Touch math Idress. Primary weather rainbow sentences

Volume purchase wish list: sound literacy, iconversation, ilanguage, pages, keynote