July 9, 2010

Welcome to our first day of iAcademy!

Activity 1: What are the biggest needs your students have socially, behaviorally, and academically?

Activity 2: Are we going somewhere meaningful with this technology?

Activity 3: Grant Overview
  • What is the grant?
  • What are it's goals?
  • What materials will be provided?

Activity 4: Research Jigsaw
Article 1: iLearn_content analysis of iTune apps.pdf
Article 2: BellaOnline_Voice of Women_iTouchApps.pdf
Article 3: Digital Tools Expand Options.pdf
Article 4: Using Self-as-Model Video.pdf
Article 5: Compare Video Modeling w. in Vivo Modeling.pdf

Response: Click here to submit your summary.

Activity 5: What are our shared goals for iAcademy?
  • Make our work public to our teammates, the community and the schools. We would like to present our work.
  • Serve as mentors for teachers, families, and administrators within the buildings where we work.
  • Grow as professionals as we explore cutting edge technologies to find superior solutions for our students.
  • Collect rich pre and post data to evaluate our experiences in the academy.
  • Assimilate the special education population with the general education population seamlessly.
  • Increase student skills in the areas of independence, communication, motivation, and self-reflection.

Activity 6: Calendar

Activity 7: LUNCH! Yum!

Activity 8: Smart Notebook Software
  • Turning on the smartboard
  • Orienting the smartboard
  • Ink aware
  • Notebook software toolbar
  • Slide sorter
  • Floating tools and customization
  • The gallery and flash objectives
  • Managing your files
  • Time to explore and create

Research Presentation: Case Study for Smart Boards and Autism
Tutorial PDFs: http://stusupport.curry.edu/SMARTBoardTutorials.html
SmartTech Resources: http://exchange.smarttech.com/index.html
Smart Notebook Software ONLINE: http://express.smarttech.com/#
Talking SmartBoards in Autism Blog: http://www.blognetnews.com/autism/feed.php?channel=100
Make Your Own Favorites Page: http://weblist.me/
Kristen's Tag List: http://www.google.com/reader/shared/user%2F15589665780853139155%2Flabel%2FSmartboard
Kristen's Preso Notebook: Smart_Preso_CB.notebook
Pre-made Smartboard activities: http://www1.center.k12.mo.us/edtECH/SB/templates.htm

Activity 9: Homework!
For your homework assignment, you must create a Smart Notebook file that you can use with your students. (Kristen will give you directions for downloading Smart Notebook software to your home computer.) Once you've created your file, please post it on this page so we can all celebrate your great work!

Click here to download: http://www.smarttech.com/downloads