July 16, 2010

Welcome back to the academy!

Activity 1: Review of Smart Notebook and Sharing of Files
Please complete this anonymous form so we can get "warmed up" for learning.

Activity 2: Quick Introduction to the Use of Flip Cams
What are Flip Cams?
How do they work?

File Management
Video Editing (the really quick version)

Beginning Ideas for Integration

What are your video needs for next time? Share them HERE.

Activity 3: Exploring iPods
User Manual

iPod Touch Support
  • Features
  • Settings
  • SYNC
  • iTunes

Activity 4: The App Store
Your device is synced with many apps from Jill's account.

Your task:
  1. Begin to explore the apps on your device. PLAY, PLAY, PLAY
  2. Think about how you could use these applications. Choose your favorites.
  3. Write a review for your favorite apps on THIS PAGE. This will be a public page where we can constantly provide new information about our experiences with apps.
  4. Finish early? Start to explore the APP STORE for possible additions and purchases.

App Resources:
Spec. Ed Thorough App Listing
Spec. Ed Listing of Apps
iPad apps for Education
More Apps
iPod Apps Collection

Homework: App Review
Play with the apps on your iPod over the next month. Decide which app or apps are your favorite. Review them on the app review page!